The best typical Korean dishes (2023)

Throughout the Asian continent, we can meet a variety of cultures that bring with them thousands of flavors and culinary techniques, each with its own special characteristics. One of the most outstanding is the so-calledKorean cuisinewhose interesting Denmark is the product of thousands of years of history.

The truth is that heTypical Korean cuisineThey left their mark and continue to this day. In fact, it's becoming more and more common to find restaurants that specialize inkorean foodall over the world.

So if you are interested in Asian cuisine, today we will introduce you to someTypical South Korean dishesthat you can't miss. Join us and fall in love with Korea with its best recipes.

South Korean cuisine

South Korean cuisine has developed over time and as a result of various political and cultural situations that have influenced it throughout its history. And so on until it becomes extensivemodern south korea kitchen.

It is characterized by being very healthy and balanced, without losing its tradition. Well, it comes directly from the ancient agricultural habits of the nomadic cultures of this part of the world.

It is also characterized by the use of a wide variety of toppings, mainly made from a variety of pre-fermented vegetables. This accompanies their very balanced dishes, which usually use rice as well as various types of vegetables and various meats.

The best typical South Korean dishes

It's time for you to discover the delightstypical South Korean foodwith the following list of typical dishes.


The best typical Korean dishes (1)

A great example of the influence that Japan left in Korea at the beginning of the last century is Kimbap. Since it is the Korean version of Japanese maki sushi, it consists of the same stuffed rice rolled with seaweed called kim.

There are very few differences between the two, but some can be highlighted, such as the fact that kimbap rice is cooked with sesame oil. And also that this dish is always served with a pickled radish called danmuji.


Betweentypical korean foodBibimnap stands out. Undoubtedly, this dish is a symbol of this culture, as it is recognized not only in Korea, but in many parts of the world. And it's really not a complicated dish, either in terms of preparation or taste.

Bibimbap is nothing more than a bowl of rice mixed with various ingredients. Mainly with vegetables and meat, although eggs and seaweed are also often added. The result is a very tasty dish that is appreciated by Koreans.

Samgyeopsal or Korean BBQ

The truth is that with this dish you will not only enjoy the food but also the experience of eating it. It's becauseSamgyeopsal is usually served with friends or family,They sit around a table with a grill in the middle.

And this grill is the quintessence of this disheach chooses the meat or vegetables they are going to lay outcook and then eat. It is also accompanied by rice or pasta and typical additions that are never missing on the table.


This is a soup known throughout Korea, which is also a great example of not wasting food, because it is in itall parts of the meat are used. This soup has its roots in Korean fields, where they tried to use absolutely everything possible from cattle.

current dishinvolves the use of bone and cartilagewhich are cooked to remove tissues and fat to make a jelly-like soup. This preparation is only seasoned with salt and is highly valued for its high nutritional value.


The best typical Korean dishes (2)

Pajeon is, in a few words, a Korean omelette, a salty pancakefrom flour and egg. This dish can be served with various side dishes and is quite popular, especially in the capital, where the most famous is haemulpajeon.

The variety of haemulpajeon is that this is itin the company of crustaceansalthough there are hundreds of ways to serve and prepare it. All in all, pajeon is one of the main dishes you must try if you go to Korea.


This little snack is extremely popular and can be found everywhere in South Korea. From street stall to shop. The interesting thing about this preparation is thatit was formerly served only on members of the court.

They are made from rice flour and cooked at room temperatureTypical Korean hot sauce called gochujangwith a little sugar. Every good Korean is always happy to eat tteokbokki accompanied by delicious seafood.

cut off

In Korea, the word "hangwa" is used to refer to sweets and sweets, and one of the most famous hangwas is yugwa. it is abouta small cake that sweetens the everyday life of many inhabitantsfrom South Korea

it's handmade cakesrice flour basewhich is prepared and kneaded with oil and honey to give them a particular shape. They are then passed through oil and finally baked. They are usually eaten with a cup of good tea or other drink.


This dish is without a doubt one of the most traditional in Korea you can find becauseIt has been prepared for over 800 years.. Initially, when Galbitang began to be prepared, beef was too expensive, so it was prepared only in special situations.

But currently thisbeef ribs soup with an intense flavorYou can eat at any restaurant. And it is an important part of Korean culture.


The thought of a cold soup may seem strange, but once you get used to the idea, you will surely fall in love with this dish. naengmyeonIt is a very spicy and aromatic soup, which is served quite chilled.

This soup is prepared with manyvegetables and ingredients, but mainly contains radish, Korean pear, egg, cucumber and small pieces of meat. Generally, anyone who asks for it adds vinegar to the flavor to intensify its flavor.


This istypical South Korean dishWith such a juicy appearance, it is a real delight, from just looking at it until you want to eat it. In addition, it is one of the most famous in this culture and is derived from zha jiang mian, a similar Chinese dish.

Jajangmyeon consists ofthick wheat noodles covered with black bean and soy sauce, called chunjang. It also has vegetables and minced meat in small pieces, though seafood is added in some places in Korea.


If there's anything in betweentypical South Korean food, are ingredients of marine origin, represented mainly by crustaceans and algae. Fish is also widely used, such as eomuk tang or jeongol eomuk.

This istypical Korean platowhich reigns in the streets because it is one of the best-selling street food in the Asian country. If you are a fish lover, once you try Korean Eomuk, you will love it even more.


bulgogi is differentBarbacoa Coreana, only in this case the veal is cut into strips. They are then marinated in sesame oil, garlic and soy sauce. It is usually accompanied by various vegetables and, of course, the inevitable rice.

Alsoit is customary to serve it on a bed of lettuce leaveseat it out of your hand. Without a doubt, a fairly simple dish, but delicious.


The best typical Korean dishes (3)

Another well-known Korean dish that delighted everyone who tried it is hotteok. This rich and sweet dish consists of approxSweet Korean pancakes that are quite simple.

They are made of wheat flour, eggs, milk, yeast and of course sugar, and they are usually stuffed. Among the most commonly used fillings are honey, peanut cream or cream cheese. Certainly one oftypical South Korean dessertsthat you can't miss.


Finally, we have sannakji, which, although it is an authentic, typically Korean dish, we have included it in the list more as a curiosity than a culinary recommendation. since there is oneof the most adventurous foods in the worldthat even a person can die by swallowing.

is a plateoctopus tentacles are so fresh that they still keep their movements.And if not chewed properly, they can stick to a guest's throat, causing suffocation. But despite the risks, people who try them find them quite tasty.

The breadth of this gastronomy makes it impossible to list all its delicious dishes, desserts, appetizers and sandwiches in one listTypical Korean cuisine. But the ones we mentioned above are the most known and appreciated by consumers.

Now you know what options to order when going to a Korean restaurant specializing in Korean cuisine to fully enjoy this interesting culture..


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