How to build a potato storage bin (100% effective) (2023)

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You need to pay close attention to where you store your potatoes if you want healthy root vegetables when you're ready to cook. Potatoes require special storage techniques to prevent rotting or sprouting. Proper ventilation and a dry place are some of the most important properties that potatoes need for storage.

To keep potatoes healthy and prevent damage to other materials in your kitchen, you need to understand the best way to store them. Making a potato storage chamber is a great way to keep your potatoes fresh and away from various materials such as onions that can cause them to rot.

Potatoes are usually stored in drawers, bins or boxes with enough ventilation to keep them dry. Building a potato bin is easy, especially with a guide. This piece provides a simple guide on how to make a potato storage box out of wood - however, you can use other materials to make this box.


Optimal storage conditions for potatoes

Potatoes will last a long time if stored in optimal conditions. It is very important to know the best potato storage conditions to keep the tubers fresh.

  • Ventilation:Most plant-based foods require sufficient air for storage as it helps maintain the right temperature. The environment needs to be conducive, so you need to do more to keep potatoes cool during the hot months.
  • dry area:Keep the area dry as moisture causes potatoes to rot. It is best to lift the storage off the ground and avoid places such as under the sink where water droplets can dampen the space.
  • Darkness:Storing potatoes in a dark place will prevent them from sprouting and losing nutrients in the sprouts. Light causes potato sprouts to grow from the tuber.

What's the best way to store potatoes?

Now that you know the best storage conditions for potatoes that will give them a longer shelf life, you'll want to find the best places to store these tubers. These locations can be regular residential areas or purpose-built structures.

1. Wooden crates/cages

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Wooden crates are considered one of the best places to store potatoes because they are easy to build and gentle on the tubers. Wood is not a good conductor of heat or cold, so there is no need to insulate the box.

One of the problems with this storage idea is the affinity of insects for it. Insects attack wood more often, so you need a special plan to keep them away.You can quickly build wooden crates using DIY guidesor buy ready-made baskets in stores, and as a DIYer, wooden containers will work best.

2. Thermal box

Potatoes require certain weather conditions to stay healthy; the thermal box provides these conditions in a metal electrical box. The refrigerator is the right place to store potatoes with a high yield rate whenever you can organize your power. This option is more expensive because it costs a lot to install and your energy bills go up as well.

3. Plastic containers

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Using plastic containers to store potatoes is simple and easy to implement, as the required size can be purchased in stores. However, the plastic would need insulation to protect the potatoes. For insulation, you can use a piece of Styrofoam or a cotton blanket. This is a simple option that does not require much effort.

required materials

Before you build a storage room, you need to prepare all the necessary materials, including tools and materials. If you're an avid DIYer, you may already have tools in your garage; however, you can borrow or hire tools if needed.


  • 3 inch nails
  • 2 inch screws
  • Wood: plywood and boards
  • Lid hinges
  • insulation (optional)
  • wood glue
  • mancha


  • Hammer
  • table saw or hacksaw
  • Measure
  • Screwdriver
  • grinder
  • cropping square

Step-by-step instructions for building a potato storage container

Fortunately, you only need elementary experience in woodworking and simple tools for this container. Now that you've gathered all the materials you need for this project, here's a simplified process for building a wooden box to hold potatoes:

Step 1 - Cut the wood

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More materials, including wood, are usually needed for larger, more complex boxes. Use a saw to cut the wood to the correct size, based on the size of the storage box you want to build. This idea includes two potato bins and an extra layer of storage, requiring more materials.

Measure with tape, mark and cut the joists with a suitable saw. Once the process is complete, you should have all the parts you need to make the container, including:

  • Six pieces of 1x1 wood 11½ inches long for dowels
  • Two pieces of 1×2 wood for slats
  • Two pieces of 1×2 wood for containers
  • A piece of ¾” plywood for the tabletop
  • A piece of ¾” plywood for the shelf
  • Two pieces of 1×2 wood for the door
  • A piece of 1×4 plywood for the back
  • Two pieces of ¾” plywood for partitions

Keep in mind that these wooden pieces may vary depending on the size of the box you want to build.

Step 2: Add a board

Attach the two sides built in the first step to the appropriate dimensions of the board with ¼” plywood. Place the back plywood on the two side pieces so that the 90° sides to the back plywood are flush with their edges and secure the joint with finishing nails. It is very important that the sides are flush with the door leaf, as minor errors can affect the door.

Step 3 - Build the sides

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Cut the required ¾” sheet of plywood to the side and insert the slats inside. The slats should divide the board horizontally into three almost equal parts. Repeat the process for the opposite side, remembering to fasten the 1x1 battens with glue and nails.

Step 4: Make the front frame

Build the headframe from 1×2 lumber to have the outer support and short slats that cut the frame into three pieces, as well as attaching the side members.

Step 5 - Add the top

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Cut the top of the ¾” plywood and place it in the box before securing it with wood glue and nails. You can sand the edges to smooth and prevent injury.

Step 6 - Build Potato Bins

By now, the box should take shape with a clear idea of ​​what the final design will look like. The style of the drawers in this box is such that when you pull them out, they tilt down, making it easier to access the potatoes.

You must use the dimensions of the crate frame already built to get the bins that fit your chambers. begin fromcrossing the curveplywood sides before building the front wall frame that you will attach to the sides. Use the ¾” plywood cutouts for the front and rear frames, repeating the entire drawer building process for each of the three compartments.

Step 7 - Customize the containers

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After creating the bins, the next thing to do is to center the bins in the open storage space. Install hinges under the bins to keep them in place and a handle on the front of the bin for easy access.

Step 8: Build a door to the top of the unit

There is another storage area in the upper area where you can store other materials besides potatoes, so it does not include a bin. Instead, the base is covered with plywood, and the lathe-turned door keeps it secure.

To build the door, use 1x2 to build the frame before covering it with ¼" plywood. It is necessary to make the appropriate measurements so that the door fits snugly and does not leave gaps where insects can get to the stored item.

Step 9: Finish

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Before proceeding with this step, fill any dents and cracks made by nails with wood putty, then paint the container to improve its appearance and repel pests. The type of finish you use depends on your needs and interior.

Tips for canning potatoes

Do you want to store potatoes for a long time and keep them fresh when you are ready to use them? Here are some helpful tips for preserving these tubers:

  • Do not store potatoes in the refrigerator as very low temperatures can damage them.
  • Insulate the storage container if you use materials such as plastic that can easily transfer extreme ambient temperatures to the potatoes.
  • Do not overfill the potatoes during storage to avoid much competition for air.
  • Do not put potatoes in sealed bags, as ventilation is one of the main properties required for long-term storage.
  • Keep potatoes away from apples, bananas and onions as they give off chemicals that will rot potatoes.


Storing potatoes requires more effort to keep them fresh than most other foods. However, you can store potatoes for several months with a simple storage container in the right position. The construction of this box depends on style, size and design, with some basic box designs requiring minimal materials and knowledge.

If you're looking for a more intricate design that will stand out while serving as a potato storage container, the easy-to-follow storage container process is an interesting option.

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