20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (2023)

The Simpsons Christmas episodes in order:Christmas Deals in Springfield With December approaching, it's time to think about which Christmas movies and shows will get you in the mood. Over 33 seasons, The Simpsons aired 20 Christmas episodes. In addition, The Simpsons also starred in the Christmas short "The Tracey Ullman Show", known for producing a series of short films starring the Simpsons family.

The longest-running fictional show in television history, The Simpsons became a cultural phenomenon in the 1990s and remains one of the most revolutionary and innovative entertainment franchises recognized worldwide. It's an animated sitcom about the antics of a dysfunctional family. Homer is a goofy, unhealthy beer-loving dad, Marge is a hard-working, stay-at-home wife, Bart is a ten-year-old who is perpetually underachieving (and proud of it), Lisa is an underrated eight-year-old… an old genius, and Maggie is a cute , a quiet pacifier that loves babies.

Not watching some classic The Simpsons Christmas episodes is like not celebrating Christmas at all. So if you want to find all the Christmas episodes of The Simpsons in order (and you should), here's a simple guide.

All Christmas episodes of The Simpsons to watch

1. "The Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" (season 1, episode 1)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (1)

While the Simpsons are out Christmas shopping, Bart sneaks out and gets a tattoo. Marge soon discovers this and uses the family's Christmas savings to clear it. Meanwhile, Homer learns that he won't be getting his Christmas bonus from Mr. Burns, and as a result, the family has no money for Christmas gifts. He decides to keep his money problems a secret and get a job as Santa Claus in a department store, but later discovers that the job doesn't pay enough. Desperate for a miracle, Homer and Bart go to the dog park on Christmas Eve in hopes of making money. He bets it all on a long-range shot called Santa's Little Helper, which he loses. Furious over the loss, the dog's owner renounces him. Homer lets Bart stay with him. Later, Homer tries to open up to everyone, but Bart exclaims that they have a dog and everyone happily greets the newest member of the Simpsons family.

2. “Marge Be Not Proud” (sezon 7, odcinek 11)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (2)

Bart tries to steal a popular video game at the local Try-N-Save but is caught by a security guard. As a result, the security guard forbids Bart from returning to his shop forever and threatens him that if he returns to his shop, he will spend Christmas in juvie. Bart manages to keep Homer and Marge from finding out, but is later horrified to learn that the whole family is going to Try-N-Save for a family Christmas photo. Bart is discovered by a security guard who shows Homer and Marge a surveillance video of Bart stealing the game. Marge becomes distant and punishes Bart by banning him from family activities for his transgression. Fearing he has lost his mother's love, Bart decides he needs to get her back, so he visits Try-N-Save and returns with a bundle in his coat. Marge confronts him, believing he is stealing again. He discovers that Bart has hidden a picture of himself, which he bought Marge as a Christmas present. Marge is delighted and gives Bart his Christmas gift as a gift.

3. "Miracle on the Evergreen Terrace" (season 9, episode 10)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (3)

On Christmas morning, Bart wakes up before the rest of the family and goes to open the presents. After playing with the remote-controlled fire truck, Bart accidentally starts a fire, causing the plastic Christmas tree and presents to melt. Bart hides a molten mess, but when the rest of the Simpson family wakes up, Bart informs the family that there was a burglar. The media soon reports on it, and the community rallies to help them and donate the $15,000 Homer spends on the car he soon crashes. However, Bart soon tells his family the truth; that there was never a thief. The community quickly finds out about this and demands a refund. Marge decides to go to Jeopardy! get the money back but can't. When the family returns home, they discover that the city has ransacked their entire home except for one washcloth.

4. „Grift of the Magi” (sezon 11, odcinek 9)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (4)

Principal Skinner hires Fat Tony's construction company to build wheelchair ramps at the school. These ramps break down quickly, forcing Skinner to close Springfield Elementary. However, a toy company run by Jim Hope takes over the school; at school, children are only taught schemes and marketing suggestions. Soon, a new toy called Funzo is invented, which eerily resembles children's ideas. After a brief confrontation between Gary Coleman and Funzo, things return to normal when Burns decides to fund the school after a visit from three Christmas ghosts.

5. "Skinner's Snow Sense" (Temporada 12, Episode 8)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (5)

In this year's Christmas episode, Bart and Lisa, along with their main recurring classmates, are stuck at school due to a snowstorm. Principal Skinner and caretaker Willie are the only adults present, as all other school staff and faculty are in the "rescue group" (they are at the ski lodge). To keep the students in check, Principal Skinner must use his skills as a drill sergeant. However, this strategy backfires as Bart and the other students decide to lead the rebellion.

6. "She of Little Faith" (season 13, episode 6)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (6)

In the episode, Bart orders a model rocket and Homer builds it and tries to launch it. With the help of some nerds and a hamster named Nibbles, a new rocket is built and launched, but the church is destroyed. The church struggles to rebuild, and Montgomery Burns offers to help, but only if he can run the church like a business. The over-commercialization of the rebuilt church discourages Lisa; definitely leaves him in search of a new place to worship. He finds Lenny, Carl and Richard Gere in a Buddhist temple. Richard gives her information about Buddhism and she converts. The family tries to use Christmas as a way to convert Lisa to Christianity. Realizing what they are doing, she runs to the temple, but Richard tells her that Buddhism allows for tolerance of other beliefs. Thus, as Homer put it, she can "spoke maliciously" about Christianity while also being a Buddhist.

7. "It's the Fifteenth Season" (Season 15, Episode 7)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (7)

In this episode, Mr. Burns gives the plant workers $5 canteen vouchers as Christmas bonuses. Mr. Burns gives Homer a "candy card" that says "current baseball player." Homer trades his entire record for rookie Joe DiMaggio's card. The Simpsons shop on the Springfield Heights boardwalk. Homer spends his last buck on a talking astrolabe for himself and can't afford a Christmas tree for the family. Marge and the kids are disappointed with what she bought. Homer looks at "Mr. McGrew's Christmas Carol" and is inspired to be kind and selfless. Homer's good deeds make Ned Flanders jealous. Ned gives everyone in Springfield Christmas presents to damage Homer's reputation. Homer wants to forget about Flanders, but Lisa advises him to take gifts from everyone. Homer and SLH steal everyone's presents (as the Grinch). Homer is attacked in Springfield. Ned tries to save Homer, but the "star" saves them both and they return his gifts to him. The town sings "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" after Moe's failed suicide attempt.

8. "The Simpsons Christmas Carol" (season 17, episode 9)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (8)

When Reverend Lovejoy and Ned Flanders are unable to preach the Christmas sermon, Homer steps in and tells the story of the birth of baby Jesus (Bart), King Harod's (Mr. Burns) attempt to kill the baby, and the creation of the first Christmas tree.

Grandpa tells Bart and Lisa about his and his brother's service in World War II in the Pacific. Cyrus' plane is lost in the battle, and Abe and Burns land theirs. Burns shoots Santa while waiting to be rescued for Christmas. Abe and Burns rebuild Santa's sleigh (only for Burns to steal it later). Santa Claus promises to return for a second rescue, but never does. After Abe finishes his story, Santa Claus takes him to Tahiti to see his brother.

Superintendent Chalmers calls The Nutcracker performance at Springfield Elementary "the worst ever." When it turns out there's no need to pay for the music rights, the people of Springfield go to their usual holiday activities to music from The Nutcracker, including a sequence where Moe tries to commit suicide and Homer (as usual) tries to kill himself catch Marge. Your last minute gift.

9. "Kill Gil, Volumes I & II" (Season 18, Episode 9)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (9)

On Christmas Day, when Gil loses his job on Christmas Eve after giving a gift to his boss's daughter, the Simpsons take him in. However, he soon uses his generosity and moves out, and Marge is unable to kick him out. Meanwhile, Homer is chased and harassed by a Grinch-like character he fought in an ice show. The title of this episode is a reference to Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2. Guest starring Elvis Stojko as himself.

10. "The Fight Before Christmas" (season 22, episode 8)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (10)

In this four-part Christmas episode (set similarly to season 17's "Simpsons Christmas Stories"). In the first episode, Bart travels to the North Pole and decides to convince Santa Claus to give him the motorcycle he wanted every year. In the second, set during World War II, Lisa has to cope with the absence of her mother, who was sent as a soldier abroad. Martha Stewart arrives at the Simpsons house in the third dream segment and helps Marge save the family Christmas. Finally, in the final segment, the entire family has become puppets in a stage show that also stars Katy Perry.

11. "Past Future Vacation" (season 23, episode 9)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (11)

The final episode "Looking Ahead" takes place thirty years in the future when Bart and Lisa bring their children to Homer and Marge's house for Christmas while a pregnant Maggie goes into labor. Bart has divorced his wife, Jenda, and is trying to be a better father to his two children, while Lisa has trouble connecting with her rebellious teenage daughter, Zia. Simpsons creator Matt Groening made a small uncredited cameo appearance as a sportscaster shouting "goal!" during a football match.

12. "White Christmas Blues" (season 25, episode 8)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (12)

In the episode, due to global warming, there is no snow anywhere in the world for Christmas except Springfield (due to a mix of toxic gases from the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and an ongoing fire at Springfield's tire depot). The townspeople, encouraged by Mayor Quimby, decide to take advantage of the wave of tourists from all over the world who come to Springfield for White Christmas. Marge, wanting to take part in the action, turns the family home into a boarding house. However, Marge and everyone in Springfield soon have second thoughts.

13. "I Won't Be Home For Christmas" (season 26, episode 9)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (13)

In the show's thirteenth Christmas episode, it appears that Homer won't be coming home for Christmas after staying too long at Moe's Tavern on Christmas Eve, and an angry Marge tells him not to come home. Homer is so depressed that instead of being with his family, he takes a walk alone in Springfield that he goes looking for him when Moe confesses that it was his fault.

14. "The Krustmas Nightmare" (season 28, episode 10)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (14)

Krusty keeps a holiday kosher on The Simpsons. Even Millhouse would do it. Krusty and his daughter spend Christmas with the Simpsons. Meanwhile, as church attendance drops, Reverend Lovejoy looks for converts, and a spooky Christmas toy terrifies Maggie. "The Nightmare After Krustmas" is a Christmas gift wrapped in a family tragedy, the loss of a sense of humor by a young shiksa.

15. "Lost Boy" (season 29, episode 9)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (15)

Winter is ruined for Springfield. While in a remote forest with Homer, Bart accidentally falls into an abandoned missile silo. When all of Bart's misguided searches fail, the local media incorrectly report his death. When Sideshow Bob finds out about this, he is distraught as he wanted to kill Bart himself. However, trapped in a silo, Bart manages to call his mother from an old phone, which he manages to restart for a short while. When Bob learns that Bart is still alive, he sets out to find Bart and finish him off once and for all.

16. "It's Season 30" (Season 30, Episode 10)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (16)

The Simpsons wish DC a Merry Christmas and a New Year as they celebrate Black Friday in Season 30. Desperate and determined, Marge plans to save Christmas after a botched Black Friday shopping spree, while Homer and the kids surprise her with a trip to a Florida resort.

17. "Bobby, It's Cold Outside" (season 31, episode 10)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (17)

The Simpson family celebrates Christmas with some extra help from Sideshow Bob. Bart becomes suspicious when he discovers that Sideshow Bob was hired to play Santa Claus at a local Christmas carnival at the same time Springfield residents are stealing packages.

18. "The Dog's Way" (Temporada 31, Episode 22)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (18)

Season 31 of The Simpsons ends with Bart receiving one of these pet-themed Christmas gifts. This is reasonable considering that they have prepared a special Halloween for the holidays. In this episode, matriarch Marge is bitten by Santa's little helper, which causes the family to reflect on the difficult life the dog had before he was adopted by the family, and they eventually reunite him with his mother to avoid having to put him down. The episode is dedicated to the memory of Little Richard, who previously appeared in the episode "Special Edna" and passed away on May 9, 2020. Also features footage from the series premiere of The Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire.

19. „A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas” (Temporada 32, odcinek 10)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (19)

The Simpsons gives us a very effective parody of a Christmas movie. Heartmark Channel's aspiring film producer Mary Tannenbaum is sent to Springfield to help troubleshoot a Christmas movie being shot there over the summer. Mary stays with The Simpsons, where Heartmark fan Marge vigorously tries to befriend her, Homer tries to cash in on the film, Lisa follows Mary with her own camera to shoot a behind-the-scenes documentary, and Bart sours when he has to give it his all. to his room with the film crew. Meanwhile, Mary develops a strange relationship with Seymour Skinner after the two make a deal to keep his film from interfering with his Lettuce and Tomato Festival.

20. "The Crib Things" (Season 32, Episode 16)

20 The Simpsons Christmas Episodes To Watch - Reading Order (20)

The Simpsons push a second Christmas episode down the chimney on Manger Things. It's a Christmas tale of failure and redemption, like any other Christmas tale. During Christmas, Bart finds an ornament with Todd Flanders, prompting Homer and Marge to continue telling the kids about a flashback from 6 years ago regarding the past of the Flanders family and a secret room in the Simpson house.

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What are all The Simpsons Christmas episodes in order? ›

The Simpsons Christmas Episodes and Seasons, In Order!
  • Simpson Christmas (Tracy Ullman show The Simpsons Short) ...
  • Simpson's roasting on an open fire (Season 1 episode 1) ...
  • Marge be not proud (Season 7 episode 11) ...
  • Miracle on Evergreen Terrace (Season 9 episode 10) ...
  • Grift of the Magi (Season 11 episode 9)

How many Christmas Simpsons episodes are there? ›

There are 17 episodes that are called Christmas episodes, but some don't really count.

Is The Simpsons Christmas special the first episode? ›

"Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" (titled onscreen as "The Simpsons Christmas Special") is the series premiere of the American animated television series The Simpsons.

Is there a Christmas episode of The Simpsons? ›

One particular thing that the show does well is their annual holiday specials, most notably their Tree House of Horror series released each Fall, as well as the always funny and occasionally heartfelt Christmas episode each season. Let's take a look back at the best Christmas episodes of The Simpsons.


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